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Real Estate and Home Service Professionals agree to abide by Estate Flow’s binding terms of service. By signing a referral agreement or moving forward with any type of business relationship with us, you agree to these binding terms of service. Please read our full terms of service prior to signing a referral partnership agreement, and prior to signing any type of business agreement with Estate Flow. By moving forward and signing an agreement with Estate Flow you agree to be bound by these binding website terms of service. These terms of service will serve as an additional agreement with binding terms, separate, and in addition to any other agreements you sign. 


  1. Once you enter into a contract, or any type of agreement with Estate Flow all payments and monies owed to Estate Flow must be paid. There are no cancellations and no refunds unless specifically offered and said offer only applies if in writing and if the full 12 month contract term runs its course or is expired. Failure to pay fee or dues outlined in the agreement (s) and or  proposals, will be deemed a material breach of contract. All attorneys fees will have to be reimbursed or paid to Estate Flow if Estate Flow is forced to take legal action, including but not limited to arbitration, to enforce the terms of the agreement or to recover fees and dues that were not paid after contract was signed. 
  2. Any real estate agent or person who submits zip codes and or proceeds to sign any type of business agreement with Estate Flow agrees that they are doing so with their managing brokers consent.
  4. Any real estate agent or person here and after also referred to as “YOU” who submits zip codes and or proceeds to sign any type of agreement with Estate Flow agrees to personally be bound by these terms. In addition real estate agents and any real estate professional agree to that their brokerage and managing broker consented also be bound by the Estate Flow terms of service.
  6. Any real estate agent or person who submits zip codes and or proceeds to sign any type of agreement with Estate Flow agrees to serve as the fiduciary and real estate agent to Estate Flow.
  8. NOTE: Separately, if fees are concerned, Some states may not allow real estate agents to pay a non licensed person a referral fee. By moving forward you agree that your state allows for non licensed persons to receive referral fee payments of 25% at the closing of real estate transactions.
  9. Any real estate agent or person who submits zip codes and or proceeds to sign any type of agreement with Estate Flow agrees to allow the full 12 month term for both parties to benefit from any business relationship associated with any agreement YOU sign with Estate Flow. You understand that it can take up to 12 months to see any applicable advertisements, collaborations, or any proof of work and concepts, and you agree you will not post bad reviews or initiate any legal complaints or proceedings outside of the dispute resolution provisions of the binding terms of service. Any party that does not follow these terms of service will be responsible for all damages, costs to Estate Flow, and attorneys fees resulting in such a breach. Furthermore you agree to not disclose the terms of our agreement with any 3rd party for any reason, other than going through the binding mediation process.
  11. You agree to work in good faith with Estate Flow and its network of clients. You agree to never resort to any actions that may be interpreted to threaten Estate Flows business operations. Furthermore, You agree to be courteous, professional, and kind when communicating with Estate Flow and Estate Flow clients. Making threats, name calling, online disparaging, online cyber bullying, attempting to speak negatively about Estate Flow or its network online, would result in an immediate suspension of your account and a forfeiture of any membership fees you have paid. The ONLY dispute resolution process the parties agree to use will be Arbitration as outlined in Estate Flow’s terms of service on this page.
  13. Once any agreements (in addition to these terms of service)  are entered into, Estate Flow agrees to make you one of its business partners, fiduciaries, and website users. Estate Flow is under NO obligations to guarantee you any level of success other than helping you promote your estate sale and or real estate service. Estate Flow can take at times at least 45 days to set up your account. At the time of any payment paid by you or your partners to Estate Flow Marketplace, such payment or any fees due in relation to any agreements entered into are considered earned in full by Estate Flow at the time of payment. 
  14. Dispute Resolution: In the unlikely event of a dispute over your business relationship with Estate Flow, you agree that you will not process any claims with your bank without a binding arbitration first. This is a business relationship. You agree that if you have a grievance about your business relationship with Estate Flow you will initiate binding  arbitration first and NO other complaints, NO grievances, NO online reviews, or any other action outside of what’s allowed in this binding disputes resolution will be taken by you. You agree that the only person with jurisdiction to determine the rights of the parties and rule upon  any contract dispute related matter will be an independent, unbiased , Arbitrator, outside of any applicable matters before a civil court with any applicable jurisdiction to enforce said arbitration awards. The Arbitrator will be selected by the American Arbitration Association. You agree to pay 50% of the Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution fees. You agree that American arbitration association – AAA, will be the service used for any and all Alternative Dispute Resolution, unless you don’t cooperate with any dispute resolution notices. In such an instance of non cooperation by you, separate clauses will apply as outlined below.
  16. You (All parties) agree that the mere act of failing to follow this exclusive dispute resolution condition, for dispute resolution, or any other term of this binding terms of service or the agreement will be deemed a material breach of contract and a breach of the Estate Flow terms of service. In the event either party wishes to initiate dispute resolution it must be commenced and followed in the exact way it is outlined here in the terms of service: a. Either party must send over a notice via email or via mail, titled ” Intent To Mediate or Arbitrate” b. The receiving party to the notice, will have 72 hours to acknowledge the notice and cooperate with the process and pay their 50% of the mediation or AAA fees. If the party receiving the notice fails to cooperate or pay their fair share of dispute resolution costs, the party whom sent the intent to media or arbitrate notice can contact and initiate arbitration via any arbitrator as the final binding. If an arbitration hearing is scheduled, the ruling of the arbitrator will be final and said awards can be enforced by a local court that has jurisdiction. If the party who received the 1st notice with intent to mediate / arbitrate fails to show up to the mediation or arbitration hearing, such an action will result in a final default judgement and default ruling which will be FINAL – NOT appealable and enforceable by the prevailing party.  In the event you do not share the cost in the arbitration proceeding and or fail to cooperate once a Notice with intent to arbitrate is sent to you, delivered via email, each party will have 1 hour max to lay out their case before the arbitrator.
  17. If the real estate agent or investor or any partner of Estate Flow breaches the terms of service or any agreement entered into separately at a later date, the breaching party will be suspended as an estate flow partner if they fail to cure the breach within 72 hours. A suspension and breach of contract will result in total forfeiture of all fees or monies paid to Estate Flow by the real estate agent or by any partner. 
  18. Liquidated Damages: Any real estate agent or person who submits zip codes and or proceeds to sign any type of agreement with Estate Flow agrees to these Liquidated Damages amounts. Any person, company, and entity found to have breached these terms of service or any agreements emanating from this submission of zip codes, and or any agreement sent by Estate Flow, will be liable for $100,000 in liquidated damages. Liquidated damages are meant only to cure contractual or terms of service violations. Any additional damages related to torts, defamation, tortuous interference with contract, and or any other claim separately from contractually or tort related damages will be awarded separately, if applicable.  These damages are in addition to what any arbitrator, judge, or Jury award in the event of a lawsuit or ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)  Arbitration. You agree that if you are found to have breached these terms of service, and or fail to cooperate with the Alternative Dispute Resolution remedies allowed by Estate Flow’s terms of service, Estate Flow can immediately initiate collection proceedings to collect on the liquidated damages.
  20. Non Disclosure Agreement: You agree not to publicly post any comments connected with your business relationship online on any website. All business matters, negotiations, dispute resolutions, or information related to your business with Estate Flow must be kept confidential. 
  21. By entering into a business relationship with Estate Flow you agree to the following:
  22. a. You cannot post any type of content, writings, videos, or any other physical or electronic materials on any 3rd party websites. 
  23. b. You are not allowed to indemnify or hold harmless any 3rd party websites. Furthermore, you cannot share or post any copyrighted materials, confidential information, or trade secrets to their sites.
  24. All information regarding your contract with Estate Flow is copyrighted and owned exclusively by Estate Flow. Furthermore, you agree that the contract, the terms of our business arrangement, any details between you and Estate Flow, are all owned by Estate Flow and are considered copyrighted intellectual property owned by Estate Flow. 
  26. Communication Expectations: You agree to allow Estate Flow ample time to communicate with you regarding any business arrangements which can take 21 to 45 days at a time for an email or phone response. Some businesses and individuals may think that Estate Flow has to respond to general email updates within a certain period of time. Estate Flow makes no claims or gives no assurances that we will respond to you within any time period if you communicate with Estate Flow for anything other than initiating dispute resolution. You agree and understand that Estate Flow will return phone calls or emails, at a time, left to the discretion of Estate Flow. Due to high demand in Estate Flow services, and due to other logistical factors, it can take at least 30 – 45 days for Estate Flow to respond to any communications from you. Estate Flow will always attempt to respond as soon as possible, but in the event Estate Flow is not able to respond sooner, you fully understand these communication expectations.
  27. Indemnification: You agree to hold harmless and compensate any of Estate Flow employees, agents, contractors, or partners in the event of a dispute. You understand that there will be staff members, partners, contractors, and others working on your account. You agree to either pay them directly or through Estate Flow for contractual fees, or services, if and when needed for agreements you enter into either now or at a later date. 
  29. Please DO NOT proceed, submit zip codes, and please do not enter into any agreements with Estate Flow if you do not wish to be bound by these terms of service. In the event any terms of the agreement or terms of service are contradicting, all parties agree that these terms of service will remain and be the dominant terms that govern the parties.
  30. Governing Jurisdiction: All parties agree that ONLY after arbitration, through the method outlined in the terms of service, any awards can be enforced by any court of jurisdiction in: Illinois – Cook County, California – Los Angeles County,  or Indiana – Lake County.
  31. In the event that a section or sections of these binding terms are found to be unenforceable , or voidable, the remaining sections that are enforceable will remain intact and binding for and to all parties. 
  32. NOTICE – By taking further action such as: Requesting a proposal, requesting a referral partner agreement, requesting an advertising agreement, or by entering into any type of business agreement with Estate Flow, these terms of service will become legally binding and govern your rights and the rights of Estate Flow going forward. 

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